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Calla Lily Serenity

Calla Lily Serenity

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Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of 'Calla Lily Serenity,' a masterpiece that captures the essence of peace and elegance. Each stroke of this exquisite painting tells a story of harmony and grace, as the delicate calla lilies emerge from the crystal-clear vase, radiating a soothing aura into your living space. The gentle intertwining of soft hues and gentle light reflects the artist's skilled hand, creating a serene tableau that speaks directly to the soul. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and calm to any room, this print invites you to pause and appreciate the quieter moments in life.

Embrace the stillness, let the subtle dance of colors wash over you, and transform your home into a haven of artful serenity.

This print comes in one of two forms:

  1. downloadable files: an RGB at 400 DPI and a CMYK at 300 DPI, both size 8x12
  2. physical print in 3 sizes: 8x12, 12x18, and 16x24

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