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Convergence of the Deep

Convergence of the Deep

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"Convergence of the Deep" with our "Kaleidoscope of the Deep" and "Mosaic of the Deep" art prints. These masterpieces transform your living space into an underwater realm of vivid imagination, where the colors of the ocean come alive on your walls. These prints, capturing the essence of the sea's majesty, promise to be not just a focal point for any room but a window to an enchanting world below the waves.

In depths where sun's rays scarce entwine,
A "Kaleidoscope of the Deep" does shine.
With scales that dance like stars at night,
In blues and reds, a wondrous sight.

Beside, the "Mosaic of the Deep" does dwell,
In tessellated beauty, a tale to tell.
A spectrum cast in ocean's heart,
Where art's own nature does impart.

  1. downloadable files: two RGB at 400 DPI and two CMYK at 300 DPI, both size 12x12
  2. physical print in 3 sizes: 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12

#UnderwaterArt #VividVisions #OceanicOasis #AquaticArtistry

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